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Athletics roster built 70 percent by Billy Beane trades

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane has made a career out of turning over his roster over and over again, looking to maximize his talent with fewer resources than most clubs.

A pending free agent who the A's might not sign? Never fear, Beane will likely trade said player before hitting free agency, receiving more players with more years of team control in return, like the deal that sent Josh Donaldson to Toronto this winter. But just when we think Beane is in rebuild mode, expecting him to zig, he zags, like the acquisition of Ben Zobrist from Tampa Bay.

The point here is that Beane lives to make deals, and in the A's media relations staff breakdown of Oakland's 40-man roster, we see just how much of an active trader Beane is.

A remarkable 70 percent of the A's roster has been amassed via trade, much more than any other team in baseball. Only four of the 40 — just 10 percent — were either drafted or originally signed by the team. That is amazing turnover.