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Will Ferrell is playing 5 spring training games in one day for charity

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Follow along on his quest to play in all nine field positions.

Will Ferrell is traveling around Cactus League games today, attempting to play at all nine field positions in various games. He's filming all for an HBO/ special, but he's raising money for Cancer for College and Stand Up to Cancer as well.

Let's follow along!


Stretching is important!

Movie references!

The Mariners are having fun with the day on their game notes sheet

Batting practice!

Baseball cards!

MLB profile!


Baseball-savvy roster moves and sabermetrics!



Manny got an autograph!

Ramirez should have given Ferrell some tips on how to hit. Ouch.

Ferrell has arrived at Salt River Fields and is in the game in left field for the D-backs! Someone might want to move him in a bit, though.

Ferrell's positioning -- and the fact that, you know, he's not a baseball player -- resulted in three extra-base hits for the Reds that inning. D-backs pitcher J.C. Ramirez, who is trying to win a job, probably wasn't too happy.

He might be a poor outfielder, but at least Ferrell has good form.

Tony LaRussa doesn't agree. He and the D-backs didn't even wait until the end of the game to cut ties with their newest player.

The Reds put in a quick waiver claim or something and added Ferrell to their spring roster.

Cincinnati's newest addition took part in some sunflower seed-related hijinks before entering the game as a defensive replacement at third base in the eighth inning.

Sadly, Ferrell's time with the Reds came to a quick-but-justifiable end.

On to the next one. Notice the uniform ...

Ferrell has arrived at Camelback Ranch. Pay particular attention to the entrance music.

And, he's improved drastically as a hitter as the day has worn on!


Not bad enough for the Giants to avoid acquiring him, though.

He's still wearing White Sox pants. Someone notify the league office of this embarrassment to baseball. That looks like what Bruce Bochy might be thinking, anyway.

To the nightcap in Peoria.