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Say hey, baseball: Barry Bonds is rooting for A-Rod to pass Willie Mays

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Even though the Yankees want to keep pretending that Alex Rodriguez isn't inching towards a home run milestone, it's happening. He's five homers shy of tying inner circle Hall of Famer Willie Mays at 660, which also puts A-Rod six homers shy of sole possession of fourth place on the all-time list. The Yankees suggest it won't actually be a milestone, but until Major League Baseball says otherwise, all 655 of Rodriguez's career blasts count, so number 660 will merit celebration. That's the opinion of another embattled slugger who knows a thing or two about the long ball -- Willie Mays' godson, Barry Bonds.

Bonds says he'll celebrate A-Rod hitting 660, and that he'll also be happy for him. Bonds went as far to say that Mays himself would be happy for A-Rod, because it's a historic achievement for the game. He might not be wrong about the old guard's opinions, either: earlier this spring, Hank Aaron himself said he was rooting for Rodriguez to succeed in his return to the game, and Aaron is often the guy who is pointed to as the real home run king given Bonds' own past.

Say what you will about Bonds -- and we certainly do -- but if legends like Aaron and possibly Mays are Team A-Rod, and MLB is happy to move on with all of his numbers intact, the Yankees probably don't have a leg to stand on in their upcoming dinger-centric legal battle.


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