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Royals' Kelvin Herrera suspended, Yordano Ventura fined for Brett Lawrie pitches

The Royals were punished for their role in this weekend's Brett Lawrie Wars, but none of the A's were.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Lawrie slid too hard into Alcides Escobar on Friday, setting off a series of events that saw Lawrie hit by a pitch and thrown at, with all kinds of text message drama and postgame comments thrown in as well. Now, following the conclusion of the A's and Royals fighting over a slide and their pride, Major League Baseball has handed out their punishments:

You knew Herrera was going to get suspended, the question was more "for how long?" Five games is nothing for a starter, but for a reliever, that's most of his work week cut out. As for the A's ...

... nothing. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, even if it will upset Royals' fans: there was the chance their actions would be viewed by MLB as escalating an already finished situation, and since Herrera is the one who got suspended while Scott Kazmir's earlier hit by pitch went unpunished, that's precisely what occurred.

The Royals and A's next play each other on June 26 in Oakland, in case you were wondering when this battle could resume.