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Say hey, baseball: The Marlins hired a new manager and he's their GM

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The Marlins fired manager Mike Redmond on Sunday after losing to the Braves 6-0. That part wasn't so surprising, given rumors of dismissing Redmond existed from early on in the 2015 season. What has taken people aback is Miami's plan to replace Redmond, by making their general manager the on-field manager.

Dan Jennings hasn't coached a team since college, back in the mid-80s. He's spent his professional career as a scout and an executive, and should get eternal credit for not only building up the Marlins' farm system, but also for his part in convincing Giancarlo Stanton to sign his 13-year, $325 million contract this offseason. Instead, he's been placed in the dugout, leaving Marlins' President of Baseball Operations, Michael Hill, to run the front office, along with assistant general manager Mike Berger.

This is all pretty awkward, and even more so since Hill and Jennings are both in the final years of their contracts and have been thrust into new roles on a whim by their fickle boss, owner Jeffrey Loria. That doesn't mean it will fail, of course: Hill was previously the assistant GM and was already Jennings' boss in baseball ops, and Jennings has experience as a scout and will work with bench coach, Mike Goff, who has served in that role previously for the Mariners.

It's fair to wonder, though, if Loria has just run out of people he feels he can trust, or if he just doesn't feel like paying a third manager, since Ozzie Guillen, the Marlins' manager in 2011 and 2012, is still under contract for the rest of this season. Let's be honest: It's the Marlins. It could be both of those things or neither of them and something completely different our non-Lorian brains can't pinpoint.


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