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College World Series 2015: Bracket, schedule and scores

Your one-stop shop for tracking all the action in Omaha, including TV and streaming options, game recaps, bracket updates and more.

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And here they come around the final turn. College baseball's Elite Eight -- Arkansas, Cal State Fullerton, Florida, LSU, TCU, Miami, Vanderbilt and Virginia -- have packed up their things and gathered in Omaha, Neb. for the final leg of the NCAA Tournament.

New to this whole College World Series thing? Let's go over the basics of the format. For those of y'all who don't need no freakin' primer and are just looking for schedule and scores, scroll it on down.

The eight teams have been divided into two brackets and they'll essentially repeat the format of the first two rounds. First up is a four-team, double-elimination round identical to the regionals. The last teams standing in each bracket face each other in a best-of-three series to decide a national champion. Losses don't roll over from the bracket round to the finals, mind you, which means you can technically lose two games in Omaha -- one in the bracket round and one in the finals -- and still take home the prize.

Here's a visual representation of what we're talking about, via the NCAA.

2015 CWS bracket

Got it? Good. Here's the complete schedule, including game times and TV info. You can also catch every game on

Saturday, June 13

Game 1: Virginia 5, Arkansas 3 (recap)

Game 2: Florida 15, Miami 3 (recap)

Saturday recap: Wahoos rally, Gators keep piling it on

Sunday, June 14

Game 3: TCU 10, LSU 3 (recap)

Game 4: Cal State Fullerton vs. Vanderbilt -- Weather suspension in the 6th inning

Sunday recap: Frogs wash out the Tigers

Monday, June 15

Game 4: Vanderbilt 4, Cal State Fullerton 3 (recap)

Game 5: Miami 4, Arkansas 3 (recap) (Arkansas eliminated)

Game 6: Virginia 1, Florida 0 (recap)

Monday recap: Walkoffs define the day

Tuesday, June 16

Game 7: LSU 5, Cal State Fullerton (recap) (Cal State Fullerton eliminated)

Game 8: Vanderbilt 1, TCU 0 (recap)

Tuesday recap: It's all Kaylee Hartung's fault

Wednesday, June 17

Game 9: Florida 10, Miami 2 (recap) (Miami eliminated)

Wednesday recap: Gators bring the long ball back to Omaha

Thursday, June 18

Game 10: TCU 8, LSU 4 (LSU eliminated) (recap)

Thursday recap: The Frogs' bullpen is just too deep

Friday, June 19

Game 11: Florida 10, Virginia 5 (recap)

Game 12: Vanderbilt 7, TCU 1 (Vanderbilt advances to the national championship series)

Friday recap: Vandy moves back into the finals

Saturday, June 20

Game 13: Virgina 5, Florida 4

Saturday recap: Virginia wins, gets rematch with Vandy

Monday, June 22

CWS Finals Game 1: Vanderbilt 5, Virginia 1 (recap)

Tuesday, June 23

CWS Finals Game 2: Virginia 3, Vanderbilt 0 (recap)

Wednesday, June 24

CWS Finals Game 3: Virginia 4, Vanderbilt 2 (recap)