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Say hey, baseball: The Angels' GM might have angrily resigned thanks to Mike Scioscia

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Things escalated out in Los Angeles of Anaheim quickly, as we went from word that general manager Jerry Dipoto and manager Mike Scioscia were at odds late Monday night to Dipoto throwing down an ultimatum on Tuesday evening. That ultimatum, whatever it was, has reportedly failed, and Dipoto is out as GM of the Angels. It hasn't been officially confirmed by the Angels themselves, but ESPN's Jerry Crasnick heard about the ultimatum backfiring, while Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan reported that Angels' players believed Dipoto was out even before their game on Tuesday night.


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There are still some outlets reporting that Dipoto might resign, and that's probably true -- when he leaves, it'll be via resignation. That's how ultimatums work! It might seem a bit incredible that their feud would come down to this, whether it was Dipoto going with the "It's either him or me!" angle or something simpler like "Wow it sure would be nice to work in an environment where my authority over the manager was actually recognized, amirite?" However, Scioscia has been the manager of the Angels since 2000, and Dipoto hasn't exactly built a juggernaut in his time as GM. Sure, there was ownership pressure to bring in Josh Hamilton and all that, but the owner probably isn't why the farm system is in tatters post-Trout.

Angels' owner Arte Moreno purchased the team in 2003, after Scioscia had already been around for three years, and after the Angels' lone World Series championship. Scioscia essentially has a lifetime deal, as he's in the midst of a 10-year contract that ends after 2018, and is the franchise's all-time leader in games won and managed: Dipoto is the guy who gave a lot of money to Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson and was around to reap the benefits of Mike Trout's promotion. It's not that Dipoto is a bad GM -- his resume is more impressive than he's getting credit for here -- but he had to know going in to this ultimatum where Moreno's loyalties would lie. If so, can you blame him for wanting out, considering the circumstances?

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