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Say hey, baseball: Is today Cole Hamels' last start as a Phillie?

Saturday morning's baseball includes at the possible last start for a Philly legend, a couple of minor trades in the National League and the Dodgers may be possibly trying to trade Yasiel Puig. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey!

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The Cole Hamels trade rumors have reached a critical point, and it’s now very possible that the ace’s start in Chicago tonight will be his last in a Phillies uniform. After today, his next start is scheduled for Thursday, just one day before the deadline. It’s possible he will still be around for that one, but they could very well hold him out if he performs well tonight. However, the cries for a trade are only getting louder -- both the Rangers and the Red Sox were reportedly upping their efforts yesterday -- and there’s a good chance a trade happens before Thursday.

The typically consistent Hamels has been going through a rough stretch, which couldn’t have really come at a worse time for Philadelphia. Over his last seven starts, Hamels has a 6.10 ERA and is averaging just over five innings per outing. Because of these struggles, some have called this the most important start of his life -- a crazy notion for a guy who has won a World Series. With that being said, even if we know this start shouldn’t have too big of an effect on his trade value, it will for some people.

This is also a very bittersweet day for Phillies fans. On the one hand, an eventual Hamels trade will jump-start their favorite team’s rebuild. However, players like Hamels don’t come around very often. Maybe the only good thing about these incessant rumors has been the fact that it’s given Phillies fans a chance to say goodbye. Hamels has been around for a full decade, pitching like an ace over that time, winning a World Series and making three MLB All-Star Games. Regardless of what Philadelphia gets back in a trade, at least part of every fan will be extremely upset to see him go. It’s just a shame this start has to come on the road.