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Wilmer Flores started crying on the field after thinking he was being traded

Update: Good news for Wilmer! He isn't being traded after all. At least not in this deal. Despite a deal appearing to be done, the Mets backed out late due to a concern over Carlos Gomez's hip. The result was a wild two hours that included the deal being reportedly done, Flores crying, the deal falling apart and finally being squashed.

Here is a full timeline of the events of the deal and all the twists and turns.


Professional sports can be a tough business, especially at the trade deadline when players' lives are suddenly uprooted as they are shipped to a new team. Being sent to a new city and away from friends you may have made on the team can be an emotional situation. Typically it unfolds behind closed doors in the clubhouse. On Wednesday, for Wilmer Flores the emotions hit while he was still on the field.

Flores is reportedly part of a deal that will send Carlos Gomez to the Mets, assuming all of the fine details are worked out. Flores apparently found out about the possible deal during the game.

Players are usually pulled from the game as soon as a deal gets close. Flores, instead remained in the game, possibly because a deal isn't as close as it's been reported.

There may still be details to be worked out, but most are treating the deal as done. Flores received a standing ovation from the Mets crowd during one of his at bats.


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