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The Padres could trade everyone before the trade deadline

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The Padres haven't made a trade deadline deal yet, but it's not because general manager A.J. Preller is ignoring the phones. Think back to the winter meetings, when the Padres went from doing nothing to all of a sudden doing everything: Preller and the Padres are lining up a number of deals, and if they can all be neatly placed in a row, August's Padres team is going to look a whole lot different than July's.

Preller is currently discussing a major trade with the Astros that could include Craig Kimbrel, while also talking Tyson Ross with the Cubs. The exact return for either is unknown, but names like Javier Baez have been bandied about, so the idea is to reload the Padres with youth that Preller brought in himself instead of inherited. The Yankees want Kimbrel, too, which can only help negotiations and San Diego's farm system. Justin Upton is on the block, and could maybe head to the Mets after they bungled the Carlos Gomez negotiations -- especially if they refuse to give the Reds what they want for Jay Bruce. Ian Kennedy, Andrew Cashner, Joaquin Benoit, Shawn Kelley, Will Venable, James Shields -- they could all be dealt before 4 p.m. on Friday if Preller can find the takers.

It's hard to imagine that any team could get all of this done in a day, but let's remember how Preller brought in Upton, Wil Myers, Matt Kemp, Derek Norris and more essentially all at once in December. If there is a GM who could pull this off, he's the one in San Diego, and that likely makes him the most popular GM in the game on July 31. And hey, there's always the waiver period in August, too, especially for Shields and his contract.


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