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Reds' Aroldis Chapman remains with Cincinnati in the end

Despite several teams interested, which including the Diamondbacks, Chapman was not traded on Friday.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The market for Aroldis Chapman increased exponentially over the last 24 hours, and on Friday morning multiple teams were in the race. Chapman, 27, had been initially withheld from the trade market by Cincinnati until after the All-Star Game. But as the trade deadline approached talks for the left-hander died down and ultimately, the four-time All-Star closer remained with the Reds as the 4 p.m. deadline expired.

The Yankees, Astros, and Diamondbacks were reportedly checking in on Chapman, but it was "not likely" that the Yankees would acquire him. The D-Backs were showing considerable interest until this morning when the price went beyond what Arizona could afford. The Astros, too, "made a run" at Chapman, but nothing came of it ,either.

Chapman is the premier hard-throwing reliever in the majors, topping 100 mph on his fastball the majority of the time. No one else reaches triple-digit heat quite like he does, and makes opponents trying to put bat to the ball look utterly silly.

Chapman has a career 2.22 ERA, a WHIP of 1.012 and an unearthly 15.4 strikeout per nine average. He rarely allows a hit or a home run, and if there is one flaw, it's that he walks 4.4 batters per nine innings on average. Those runners rarely go anywhere.

This season, Chapman has allowed just eight runs in 43 2/3 innings pitched, striking out 77 batters and giving up just one home run. His 1.65 ERA is only slightly higher than his 1.57 Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) rate. He is one of the best closers in today's game.

Chapman is owed the remainder of his $8 million contract this season. He has one season of arbitration eligibility remaining next season before hitting the free agent market.