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Say hey, baseball: Josh Donaldson received more All-Star votes than anyone ever

Monday morning's baseball includes a new All-Star voting record, the White Sox refusing to hold a fire sale and the Reds unsure of their July plan. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey!

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The results of the 2015 All-Star Game vote were announced on Sunday, and as expected, the Royals walked away with a whole bunch of starters. Of more interest, though, is the surge in votes for Blue Jays' third baseman Josh Donaldson, who will not only start at the hot corner on July 14th in Cincinnati, but will do so after receiving the most votes any player has ever received from fans. Donaldson didn't just make it to the record, either: his 14,090,188 votes were over three million more than Josh Hamilton, the previous record holder, received in 2012.

Donaldson is in the midst of maybe his best season to date, batting .296/.352/.527 with a 143 OPS+ while on pace for a season of eight wins above replacement (WAR) -- he's had consecutive seven-win campaigns, but never an eight, and his dominance both at the plate and with the glove is a large part of why the Blue Jays are still in the AL East picture despite a disappointing pitching staff. It's tough to say Donaldson is an MVP candidate in a world where Mike Trout exists, but Donaldson is the kind of talent who would under normal circumstances get plenty of love for that award. It's still a little odd that the A's traded him while he was still inexpensive, but hey, Billy Beane has made a career out of seemingly weird moves that eventually worked out well for Oakland.

The rest of the All-Star Game players will be announced on Monday night at 7 pm on ESPN.


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