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MLB releases 2015 postseason schedule, featuring potential November games

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Maybe the 2015 playoffs will feature a Mr. October and a Mr. November.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The official 2015 MLB postseason schedule has been released, so you can plan out your October with plenty of time to spare. If the World Series isn't a sweep, we'll also end up with playoff baseball in November, so don't go making Halloween and post-Halloween plans just yet.

The playoffs kick off on October 6 with the American League Wild Card Game up first, followed by the National League's on October 7. One of the two American League Division Series will begin on October 8, then the other on October 9, the same day both National League Division Series are set to begin. This setup, assuming the weather cooperates, means there could only be two days with no baseball during the entire playoffs, and those are travel days in the World Series. That would require all the series to go the distance, of course.

It's far too early to begin predicting who will be playing who on these days, but as of Monday, the teams sitting in playoff spots are the Yankees, Royals, Astros, Blue Jays and Orioles in the AL, and the Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers, Pirates and Cubs in the NL. There are four AL teams within just 2.5 games of a wild card spot, though, and both the Giants and Nationals are close to their respective division leaders.


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