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Everyone watch out for the streaking Blue Jays

Sunday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the Blue Jays surging towards a playoff berth, another potential injury for Jose Fernandez and the wonder of the Cape Cod League. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey!

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Don’t look now, but the Blue Jays are rolling. They took their second game of their huge series against the Yankees yesterday afternoon, giving them seven consecutive victories. It’s not just the big names that are carrying them to victory, either, as Justin Smoak’s grand slam yesterday led them to the win. Toronto is now just 2½ games behind the AL East-leading Yankees. Back at the trade deadline, that deficit was at six games and they were tied with the Orioles for second place in the division. They’ll look to close the gap to just one game today in the series finale.


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While this team had plenty of firepower before the trade deadline, they went out and made themselves a whole lot scarier in July. Toronto now boasts a lineup featuring Troy Tulowitzki, Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Russell Martin. That is a borderline unfair group. Their pitching has been an issue all year, but they partially rectified that by bringing in legitimate ace David Price before the deadline. The Blue Jays got even more good news last week, as Marcus Stroman is starting his rehab soon and could be a big piece out of the bullpen during the stretch run.

This is a significant push to the playoffs for this franchise, who is currently mired in the longest active playoff drought in any of the four major sports. If the Blue Jays’ playoff drought was a person, it could go out and legally drink right now. Toronto hasn’t seen postseason action since 1993, when they won it all. Because of this, there is an electric atmosphere at their home games right now, arguably the best in the league at the moment. Right now, it looks like this is finally the year their playoff-less streak comes to an end.