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Cliff Lee might sit out 2016 because your team isn't the perfect fit

Monday's Say Hey, Baseball includes Cliff Lee's free agency, more on the Aroldis Chapman trade and a legendary announcer.

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Cliff Lee is a free agent, and one who hopes to pitch in 2016 after using time and rest to heal a flexor tendon tear in his elbow. He's not going to sign with just anyone, though, as, even though reportedly half of the league had contacted him about signing a month ago, he remains unsigned and will stay that way barring the "perfect fit" for the lefty. Just what constitutes a perfect fit is unknown, but you can guess that it's enough pay for a team that will give Lee a guaranteed shot, and probably also for a club that has a shot at winning in 2016.

While there is no guaranteeing Lee can be healthy or even his old self this season, the 37-year-old is in a position to dictate where he can pitch thanks to upside that no one else remaining on the free agent market has. Plus, Lee has already earned over $140 million in his 13-year career, so he's not exactly gunning for his first big pay day -- he won't miss out on much by holding out for the right landing spot.

Lee's ERA was a little higher in 2014 -- the last time he pitched -- at 3.65, but he was your usual Cliff Lee otherwise and an inflated ERA can be forgiven for a guy pitching with a busted arm. He might cost a lot in terms of a single-year payout, but he's 37 and coming off an injury: it's a short-term risk that many teams can afford to take, both financially and on their roster. We might need to wait until the spring for Lee to find that team, though, once injuries and ineffectiveness start to shape Opening Day rosters around the league.