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Trevor Bauer’s pinkie wouldn’t stop bleeding in the ALCS

Gross, dude.

Trevor Bauer was supposed to start Game 2 of the ALCS, but he cut his pinkie on his drone — yes, his drone — and was pushed back to Game 3. It turns out the extra two days off weren’t quite enough to heal the injury, and also that it is super gross.


That sure is a bloody finger and also bloody pants, and while you can’t see it here, also bloody jersey because that’s where Bauer was wiping off the blood.

Things got worse the longer he was on the mound applying all kinds of pressure to that area on his finger that definitely was not scabbed over enough, and if you don’t like blood you should stop scrolling now because the thing that was just described to you happens in the next video you see below.

Mercifully, it was Blue Jays manager John Gibbons who went to the umpires to point out that this was gross and shouldn’t be happening in a baseball game, playoffs or no. The umpires took a look at Bauer’s fingers and agreed that yes, this was definitely gross and shouldn’t be happening in a baseball game. The Indians pulled Bauer and presumably sent him to the clubhouse where we are all hoping and praying that hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin and bandages live, and Dan Otero replaced him.

He might also need a new pair of shoes.

The Indians are now in a weird position, as they were already planning to use rookie hurler Ryan Merritt in either Game 4 or Game 5 thanks to the injuries they suffered in their rotation prior to the postseason. With Bauer only recording two outs before his exit, Cleveland’s bullpen is going to have to shoulder even more of a load than they already have been this October.

Listen, it’s wrong that Trevor Bauer’s favorite Star Wars movie is The Phantom Menace, but that’s no reason for you to enjoy him bleeding all over the place. If you for some reason want to keep at it, though, then this gif is for you.