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SB Nation predicts the 2016 MLB postseason

Who will win the World Series? We don't know, but we'll force guesses upon you anyway.

Hello, these 2016 MLB postseason predictions will be wrong. Don’t email us. Don’t seek us out on Twitter. We’re doing this because we’re expected to. Even if all of us picked different World Series champions, we would still be wrong. How?

The Cardinals. Maaaaybe the Yankees. But probably the Cardinals.

Don’t ask about the details. Just fear this alternate reality. So it’s probably a good thing that some of us doubled up on our predicted World Series champions. And please, please, please understand that all of these postseason predictions will be wrong.

Except mine.

To the predictions!

SB Nation contributor AL Wild Card NL Wild Card
Emma Baccellieri Blue Jays Giants
Demetrius Bell Orioles Giants
Justin Bopp Blue Jays Mets
Grant Brisbee Orioles Giants
Matt Collins Blue Jays Giants
Mark Hinog Blue Jays Mets
Kurt Mensching Orioles Giants
Marc Normandin Orioles Giants
Liz Roscher Orioles Mets
Catherine Slonksnis Orioles Mets
Eric Stephen Blue Jays Giants

* * *

SB Nation contributor ALDS 1 (Indians/Red Sox) ALDS 2 (Rangers/Wild Card winner)
Emma Baccellieri Red Sox Rangers
Demetrius Bell Red Sox Orioles
Justin Bopp Red Sox Rangers
Grant Brisbee Indians Orioles
Matt Collins Red Sox Blue Jays
Mark Hinog Red Sox Rangers
Kurt Mensching Red Sox Rangers
Marc Normandin Red Sox Rangers
Liz Roscher Red Sox Orioles
Catherine Slonksnis Indians Rangers
Eric Stephen Red Sox Rangers

* * *

SB Nation contributor NLDS 1 (Dodgers/Nationals) NLDS 2 (Cubs/Wild Card winner)
Emma Baccellieri Dodgers Cubs
Demetrius Bell Dodgers Cubs
Justin Bopp Nationals Cubs
Grant Brisbee Nationals Giants
Matt Collins Nationals Cubs
Mark Hinog Dodgers Cubs
Kurt Mensching Dodgers Cubs
Marc Normandin Dodgers Giants
Liz Roscher Dodgers Cubs
Catherine Slonksnis Dodgers Cubs
Eric Stephen Dodgers Giants

* * *

SB Nation contributor ALCS NLCS World Series winner
Emma Baccellieri Red Sox Dodgers Dodgers
Demetrius Bell Red Sox Cubs Cubs
Justin Bopp Red Sox Cubs Red Sox
Grant Brisbee Orioles Giants Giants
Matt Collins Red Sox Nationals Nationals
Mark Hinog Red Sox Cubs Cubs
Kurt Mensching Rangers Cubs Cubs
Marc Normandin Rangers Giants Rangers
Liz Roscher Red Sox Cubs Cubs
Catherine Slonksnis Rangers Cubs Rangers
Eric Stephen Rangers Dodgers Rangers

* * *

Note: I don’t like being a homer. Consider that I had the Mets over the Mariners in my original predictions from before the season. But a) the only damned time I’ve gotten a prediction right was here, and b) the only one who got their predictions right last year was Bopp, and he was being a total homer. So I’ll begrudgingly set myself up for failure.

And now for the explanations of the other contributors, whoops, they didn’t put this all together, but I did, so I guess they won’t have a voice, sorry about that.

Just know that all of us will be wrong. Congratulations to either the Mets, Indians, Blue Jays, or Orioles, one of whom will win the World Series because none of us saw it coming. All four of them will make the LCS. Again, don’t ask for details. Such is the power of incorrect predictions.

* * *

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