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Nike ad reminds us someday is today for Cubs fans

No more curses for Cubs fans.

Did you ever think you’d see the day? The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series. Nike makes some great commercials, but this one touches anyone who’s ever played ball by themselves and dared to dream.

I’ve been that kid and I bet you have, too.

I don’t have any other siblings, I had to make my own fun just like what’s depicted in this spot. I’ve narrated my own Game 7s hundreds of times with a cheap bat, and anything I could find to represent a ball.

If you’re a Cubs fan, I know you’ve done this. You’ve broken the century-plus World Series drought more times than you count in your dreams. But here’s the thing: Sometimes dreams become a reality. Today, you’re living it.

The Chicago Cubs are World Champions.

The ending is perfectly narrated by famous announcer Harry Caray. He’s probably narrated some of your fantasies too.

“Holy cow, the Cubs win.”

Yes they did, and we can’t believe it either.