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The Cubs-Indians World Series Game 7 was a classic. Here are 15 reasons why.

The Cubs delivered in one of baseball’s quirkiest, most dramatic closing acts.

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs are World Series champions.

Those are words a writer never expects to write, at least not in that order. But it’s happened now, in one of the best baseball games there ever was. The Cubs’ Game 7 win in Cleveland, finished early on Thursday morning, ended a 108-year title slide and prolonged Cleveland’s of 68 years.

It was a barnburner of a Series, and it ended with a classic.

In addition to being great, Game 7 was weird. Let’s count the ways, and let’s do it chronologically, because none of us are wise enough to try to put these in order.

1. Dexter Fowler led off the last game of the year with a freaking home run.

This brings our all-time total of Game 7, World Series, lead-off homers to “one.”

Cubs fans immediately starting spilling drinks.

2. The Cubs took a 5-1 lead, but that got cut in half because a pitch hit the catcher in the face and two runs scored.

That’s 39-year-old Cubs catcher David Ross, a journeyman playing his last career game. He’s Jon Lester’s personal catcher, and Lester was in the game for his first relief appearance since the 2007 ALCS.

3. That same journeyman catcher homered in the next inning.

Ross was in the game because he works well with Lester on defense. He is not a thunderous hitter, though he does have some power. Good time to find it, IMO.

4. J.R. Smith took his shirt off.

You know the Cavaliers guard, don’t you? The one who partially disrobed at the Cavs’ championship parade after beating the Warriors last summer?

Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade And Rally Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

I am happy to inform you that J.R. was at it again. With Chicago ahead 6-3, Smith, in a luxury box watching the game, went back to that page of his playbook.

LeBron and Richard Jefferson look so amused.

5. Aroldis Chapman blew a three-run lead.

The Cubs closer is baseball’s hardest-throwing pitcher ever, and he doesn’t make a habit of blowing saves. But he did.

6. This happened because of a homer by Rajai Davis.

In Davis’ regular-season career, he has 55 home runs in 3,999 plate appearances. That’s a home run in 1.4 percent of his trips to the plate.

In Chapman’s regular-season career, he’s given up 19 home runs in 1,494 total batters faced. That’s a home run given up to 1.3 percent of his batters faced.

Davis hadn’t hit a homer in these playoffs. Chapman hadn’t given one up. Of course Davis hit the home run off Chapman with two outs in the eighth inning of Game 7 of the World Series. Like you’d expect anything different.

7. Minutes later, rain stopped the game.

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Between the bottom of the ninth and the top of the 10th inning, a storm system caused a 17-minute rain delay.

8. Oh, right. Game 7 of the World Series went to extra innings.

9. This prediction from 2014 almost came true:

10. Around this time, the streets of Chicago basically became a big watch party.

11. The Cubs took a lead in the 10th, and this time, they didn’t blow it.

12. Bill Murray became Earth’s happiest human.

He honked the horn of the car given to World Series MVP Ben Zobrist.

Murray interviewed Cubs architect Theo Epstein in the clubhouse, and it seemed like a hell of a good time.

13. Epstein acknowledged he was going on a bender.

Can’t blame him even a little bit.

14. The scene outside Wrigley Field was just different, even by “sports team wins championship and people go party” standards.

Chicago Cubs Fans Gather To Watch Game 7 Of The World Series Against The Cleveland Indians Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
Chicago Cubs Fans Gather To Watch Game 7 Of The World Series Against The Cleveland Indians Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

SB Nation doesn’t endorse this as a safe idea, but I guess it’s fine:

15. The Cubs won the World Series.

MLB: World Series-Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, that’s definitely the wildest thing.