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Kyle Schwarber home run breaks windshield at Cubs spring training

Spring training isn't even yet officially underway for the Chicago Cubs, but that didn't stop young slugger Kyle Schwarber from making his mark at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona. During batting practice on Wednesday, Schwarber launched a ball into the parking lot that left an unfortunate souvenir.

Schwarber showed up early in camp for Chicago, as position players aren't scheduled in Cubs camp until Feb. 23. Pitchers and catchers aren't even scheduled to report until Friday.

He hit 16 home runs in just 69 games in his first big league taste with the Cubs in 2015, then launched five more home runs in the playoffs, including one that famously landed and stayed atop the scoreboard roof at Wrigley Field.

The lesson here: when checking out the Cubs in the Cactus League, park as far away from the field as possible. Or maybe take public transportation.

[Hat tip: Cut 4]