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The White Sox and Rangers want Dexter Fowler

Tuesday's Say Hey, Baseball includes Dexter Fowler rumors, a time for change outside Fenway, and Orioles news both good and bad.

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Listen, we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. There are all kinds of stories, rumors, game coverage and Vines of dudes getting hit in the beans every day. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn’t easy. It’s okay, though, we’re going to do the heavy lifting for you each morning, and find the things you need to see from within the SB Nation baseball network, as well as from elsewhere. Please hold your applause until the end, or at least until after you subscribe to the newsletter.

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There are still worthwhile free agents out there! That's upsetting news for those still looking for a job, but hey, you want something to read and we want something to write, so it's not so bad for the two of us, yeah? One of those free agents is Dexter Fowler, who has a couple of teams attached to him all of a sudden: both the Rangers and the White Sox are reportedly intrigued by Fowler, and maybe if we're all lucky, one of the two will actually sign him.

Chicago has missed out on every outfielder they've even considered going after this winter, and while other parts of their offseason have gone well -- Todd Frazier, Brett Lawrie, Alex Avila -- they could still use an outfielder to make Avisail Garcia Plan B. A lineup with Adam Eaton, José Abreu, Frazier, Fowler and then potential rebounds from Adam LaRoche and Melky Cabrera could be pretty good. Especially when the rotation still has Chris Sale, José Quintana and Carlos Rodon. Fowler would cost them a draft pick, but no one hates spending on the draft like White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, so that would probably be OK by Chicago.

As for the Rangers, Fowler makes a little less sense unless they planned on moving him to left field to take over for Josh Hamilton, whose salary is basically being paid by the Angels, anyway. That is a possibility, but they are likely less desperate for an upgrade than the White Sox, so maybe Chicago will finally land that outfielder they've spent the entire offseason hoping for.