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Friday features 4 World Baseball Classic games

Friday's Say Hey, Baseball includes day two of dual WBC qualifiers, the fallout from the Adam LaRoche situation and the shape of the Dodgers' rotation.

World Baseball Classic- San Diego Day 2 Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Listen, we know it's tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. There are all kinds of stories, rumors, game coverage, and Vines of dudes getting hit in the beans every day. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn't easy. It's okay, though, we're going to do the heavy lifting for you each morning, and find the things you need to see from within the SB Nation baseball network, as well as from elsewhere. Please hold your applause until the end, or at least until after you subscribe to the newsletter.

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Day one of the dual World Baseball Classic qualifiers is behind us, meaning we're a day closer to finding out which two teams are going to advance to the pool of 16. In Panama City, both France and Spain lost (to Panama and Colombia, respectively) and will now face each other -- whoever loses this game has no chance at making it to the World Baseball Classic in 2017. Colombia and Panama, Thursday's winners in Panama City, will also face off -- whoever wins here has the inside track to Sunday's finals, as that game is between the two teams who end up with a pair of wins by the end of Saturday.

Meanwhile, in Mexicali, host nation Mexico took their first step toward a return to the WBC proper with a victory over the Czech Republic, and now see fellow 1-0 squad Nicaragua in their path. The Czech Republic and Germany are the pair that can't afford to lose, or else the WBC dream is dead for another four years. You can follow along all day long, as the games start at 2 p.m. ET with France vs. Spain, and the final game of the day doesn't begin until 10:30 p.m. when Nicaragua and Mexico go head-to-head.

MLB is streaming the games live at their site -- the World Baseball Classic Twitter is sending out those streaming links as they go live -- so don't worry: you can keep up with March Madness and these qualifiers at the same time. Plus, they're sending out gifs and Vines of baseball that counts, so, really, why aren't you following them already?