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Alex Rodriguez announced he'll retire after 2017

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We have just two seasons of A-Rod left to us.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Do you love Alex Rodriguez? Then we have bad news for you. It's probably not great news if you despise him, either, but it's news all the same: Alex Rodriguez told ESPN's Andrew Marchand that he plans to retire after the 2017 season, which means we only have two years of A-Rod left to us. It also means we have two years left to celebrate A-Rod, though.

See why it's bad news regardless of your stance on the controversial slugger?

He's been suspended a full season for performance-enhancing drugs, maligned in the media ever since he first signed the richest contract in baseball history in 2000 and has somehow been even more under the microscope since joining the New York Yankees before the 2004 season. At the same time, he's hit 687 homers and, later this season, should become just the fourth player to cross the 700 threshold, joining Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. He's one of this generation's and history's greatest talents, and will end his career after 23 years in the game. Controversial, sure, but baseball is better for having experienced Rodriguez in all his forms.

You might not agree, but if that's the case, you only have two more years left to watch him, and only two more years left to see columns and posts you disagree with.

Well, until he's eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2023, anyway. If we know anything about Rodriguez and coverage of him, that will be a calm, forgetful event.

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