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Trevor Story already matched Jose Reyes' homer total from 2015

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Monday's Say Hey, Baseball includes Trevor Story's record homer, Pete Rose as History's Greatest Victim, and the A's flying Giants Air.

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Trevor Story is having a pretty decent start to his big-league career. The Rockies' shortstop made the team in part because the team traded away longtime shortstop Troy Tulowitzki last July, but also because Jose Reyes isn't around to play for them. Reyes was acquired in the Tulo deal with the intention being that the Rockies would then trade him later. Instead, Reyes was arrested for domestic violence and given paid leave from the Rockies until his trial in Hawaii came to a conclusion. That trial is now over thanks to an uncooperative witness, but Reyes could still be suspended by MLB before he returns to Colorado. Aroldis Chapman wasn't even arrested and he was suspended for 30 games by Rob Manfred, so Reyes could be out for some time.

To get back to Story, though: Reyes very well might have been traded this offseason if he weren't arrested, which means this was probably Story's job regardless of Reyes' own actions. And you can understand why the Rockies were in such a rush to give him the job, too, since he already has a record seven homers through his first six games -- that's the same number Reyes managed over his 116 games in 2015.

Now, you don't want to get too excited, as he's also struck out even more often than he's gone yard and previously topped out at 20 homers in a season in the minors. He wasn't considered a top prospect -- Story hasn't made a top-100 list since 2013 -- and the Rockies began the season with him at short instead of keeping him down long enough to lock in an extra year of service time despite it being a rebuilding year for them. He has the potential to be something new and promising, though, and after the disappointment of the Tulowitzki trade and the arrest of Reyes, "new and promising" is welcome. He won't keep this pace up, but that's a bit beside the point.