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Royals lose Mike Moustakas to torn ACL

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Mike Moustakas will be out for a long time after a collision with Alex Gordon last Sunday.

The Kansas City Royals have lost All-Star third baseman Mike Moustakas after he was placed on the disabled list with a torn right anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Moustakas suffered the injury after colliding with outfielder Alex Gordon last Sunday in Chicago. Royals' manager Ned Yost told reporters that Moustakas is in fact done for the rest of the season, but that he should be ready for spring training in 2017.

Moustakas was instrumental in Kansas City's run to the World Series last year, and he was hitting .240/.301/.500 with seven home runs in 27 games this season. The Royals have called up outfielder Brett Eibner, who is in Thursday's lineup at designated hitter (via Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune). Rookies Cheslor Cuthbert and Whit Merrifield have played third base since Moustakas left Sunday's game.

With Moustakas, the Royals managed to get to 24-22, two games behind the AL Central-leading White Sox and in third place in the division. He was third on the team in OPS+, behind only Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez, and now Kansas City is down to three above-average hitters in their lineup with him out of action. With Moustakas for sure out until next spring, the Royals might need to find an upgrade at third or elsewhere to get the lineup back to where it needs to be to contend -- especially since they are already leaning heavily on their bullpen to prop up the rotation and lineup.