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The Cubs want Aroldis Chapman (and maybe Andrew Miller, too)

Wednesday’s Say Hey, Baseball includes the Cubs’ interest in a pair of relievers, Ichiro vs. Pete Rose, and the need for an eventual Red Sox prospect trade.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

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The Cubs lead the majors in wins and are on pace for 113 of them, but that’s apparently not enough. There have been whispers that Chicago is interested in trading for reliever Aroldis Chapman, and they’ve only intensified in the past couple of days. Phil Rogers at went as far as to lead off a column with "the rumors are true," and that the Cubs might not just want Chapman, but also Andrew Miller. Interest in Miller isn’t a shock: Theo Epstein, back when he was in charge of the Red Sox, traded for Miller when he was at a career low point, and post-Theo, Miller turned it around to become one of the game’s most dominating relievers. Miller and Chapman, though, is something else entirely.

The bullpen, which already has Hector Rondon and three other relievers whose ERA sit at 2.66 or lower, would be essentially unstoppable were it to add Miller and Chapman. Which makes the whole adding both of them thing seem unlikely, for a number of reasons. The Cubs probably wouldn’t want to give up what it would take to get both, the Yankees might not even want to give up both, and oh, Aroldis Chapman is also a possible goblin person so why would Chicago want to attach that to their feel-good season when they don’t have to?

That Yankees point might end up being the strongest of the bunch — Chapman might be a goblin, but baseball teams like winning regardless of who helps them do it. Ken Rosenthal reported that the Yankees believe they’ve weathered the worst part of 2016’s storm, and are now set to feast on a weaker portion of the schedule. If they succeed during that, who knows if it changes their mind about selling? Chapman might still end up available if the Yankees aren't clearly in it by late July, but Miller is under contract for two-plus years, so the return would need to be massive. On the bright side, Cubs, you’re on pace for 113 wins already and are 9.5 up on the Cardinals. So, yeah.