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Based on this catch, Adrian Gonzalez is probably great at hot potato

Nationals pitcher Joe Ross, while batting, lofted a foul popup down the right-field line at Dodger Stadium in the fifth inning on Wednesday night, and might have thought he received new life after the ball went off second baseman Chase Utley's glove.

Ross thought wrong, thanks to Adrian Gonzalez.

Somehow, the Dodgers first baseman was Johnny-on-the-spot, trying to snag the ball himself after it deflected off Utley's glove, only to find the ball pop out of his own glove as well. But a second swipe secured the ball to complete one of the best and certainly most bizarre plays of the baseball season.

To have that concentration, all with a hard-charging Yasiel Puig in the immediate vicinity, is remarkable.

The stakes were nowhere near as important on Wednesday, but the catch evoked memories of Pete Rose catching the penultimate out in Game 6 of the 1980 World Series for the Phillies: