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A Rangers-White Sox trade might make sense

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Saturday's Say Hey includes a possible deal for Chris Sale, a Joe Panik-less Giants roster, and some very bad baserunning.

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It's the week before the midseason trade deadline, which means that the rumors you hear are almost as baseless as the ones that circulate during the offseason. The Rangers, being one of the premier contenders in the American League, and the White Sox, being the team that holds one of the American League's most prized aces, were linked in a tantalizing trade rumor on Friday. Could the White Sox deal Sale in exchange for some minor league depth? Would the Rangers bring Jurickson Profar and Joey Gallo into the negotiations to bolster their rotation?

While the rumor was dismissed as little more than "due diligence" by Evan Grant on Twitter, a possible Rangers-White Sox deal could benefit both sides. The Rangers are first in the American League but currently shackled to an injured Prince Fielder, Shin-Soo Choo, Colby Lewis and Derek Holland. An extra arm, especially one as dominant as Sale's, could help cement their playoff berth until Lewis and Holland rejoin the roster in August. And, though the Rangers have been very reluctant to even entertain offers for Profar, they're not exactly hurting for middle infield help.

The White Sox, meanwhile, are already well out of reach of a postseason finish. Whether or not the front office is open to a full-scale rebuild is uncertain, but it might seem imprudent to start dismantling the rotation without a plan in place. Recent comments from GM Rick Hahn have made it clear that the Sox won't be chasing any short-term rental players for a postseason run in 2017. If they decide to deal Sale, the return will have to fit with their long-term goals. With Profar's ability to work from multiple positions and top prospect Joey Gallo's potential, the White Sox are looking at some much-needed depth. It's just a matter of getting the timing right.