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Two sellers met to make a weird deal

Sunday’s Say Hey, Baseball includes what will likely be the oddest trade of the summer, the Nationals finally getting their closer, and Cleveland’s scoreboard operator getting back at Minnesota’s.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

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We have reached the most exciting point of the trade deadline. With roughly a day and a half left before the non-waiver period ends, rumors are swirling and speculation is rampant. Every year, there are some moves that come out of nowhere and wow all of us. For example, no one saw Troy Tulowitzki being shipped to Toronto at this point last year. The Braves and the Padres may have pulled off this kind of deal last year, albeit involving very different types of talents. According to reports, Matt Kemp is being shipped to Atlanta for Hector Olivera. As of now, all that remains for this deal to be official is clean physicals.

There are many different layers to this deal, but the first to jump out may be that two sellers are trading with each other. We’ve heard so much about this being a sellers’ market with so many teams in contention for a wildcard spot, making it even stranger for sellers to deal with each other. Meanwhile, you have the Braves — who are in the process of one of the more deliberate rebuilds in the league — trading for an expensive veteran. Now, Kemp isn’t without value. Even if he’s not worth his contract and his defense is anywhere from bad to "OH MY GOD MY EYES," the man can still hit for some power. What the Braves want with that remains to be seen, but it’s not impossible for Kemp to build himself into a flippable trade asset a year from now.

Then, there is the Olivera part of this. Not only has the former Dodgers international signee shown nothing since coming to the States, he was recently suspended 82 games by the league after allegations of domestic violence. Because of this, the Braves were understandably looking to rid themselves of the player they publicly coveted just one year ago. San Diego, meanwhile, appears to also want no part of Olivera. He could be designated for assignment immediately, making this a straight salary dump for the Padres as well as an opportunity to open up playing time for some up-and-coming outfielders. It could also mean an abrupt end to Olivera’s major-league career. This deal isn’t going to have the kind of effect on the postseason these deadline trades typically do, but good luck finding a more out-of-nowhere deal in the coming days.

  • The Padres have been busy all month, and their trade with the Marlins earlier in the week was a perfect precursor to deadline action around the league.

  • For example, Jeremy Hellickson may be dealt for three or four prospects. JEREMY HELLICKSON.

  • Still, the most realistic trade target on the starting pitching market is Rich Hill. Unfortunately, he was also just placed on the disabled list.

  • There were actual trades Saturday, too. For example, Washington finally got its Jonathan Papelbon replacement with Mark Melancon.

  • The Twins and Indians are in a scoreboard war, which is even more fun than it sounds.

  • The Blue Jays are not going to trade Roberto Osuna, let’s be clear about that. With that being said, should they consider it?

  • Jay Bruce has long been assumed to be on the move this summer, and it could finally happen with a three-team deal involving the Dodgers.

  • For what seems like eternity, the Rangers have been linked to Jonathan Lucroy. That ship appears to have sailed, with another catcher emerging as a more likely target.

  • The Astros are surging back towards the playoffs, and are going to be buyers this deadline. Except ... what if they also act like sellers?