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This young fan did 50 push-ups for a bat and Yasiel Puig coached him through every one

Drop and give him 50.

One fan was determined to come away with a souvenir from the Dodgers-Padres game Thursday night.

This kid, named Noah Rosenberg according to local media, made Yasiel Puig a sign offering push-ups in exchange for a bat, which he held before the game.

Puig noticed the sign and decided to take him up on it before play started.

Although Puig drove a hard bargain of 50 push-ups, after Rosenberg was done Puig wiped the sweat from his brow and even held a water cup so Rosenberg could rehydrate after his hard work.

Photo credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sport

After he got his hard-won bat, Puig signed Rosenberg's bat and sign.

Photo credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sport

Earlier this week, Puig also paid tribute to Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez by hanging a jersey bearing Fernandez's name in the Dodgers' dugout.

I'm not crying, you're crying.