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Mets sign Tim Tebow, pro baseball player

Tebow’s dream of going pro has already come true, as New York agreed to send him to the minors and instructional league.

It’s official: Tim Tebow is a professional baseball player, and he didn’t even have to sign with an independent league team to get there. The Mets made him a member of their organization by announcing a deal on Thursday morning, and Tebow’s next step will be to head to Instructional League in — where else — Florida.

Tebow’s workout at the end of August went fine. He didn’t embarrass himself at the plate or in the field, and he showed some serious raw power. Whether that translates to in-game power, or whether seeing pro curveballs and changeups on a regular basis will be the 29-year-old former NFL quarterback’s doom, are things we’ll just have to wait and see. Baseball is a difficult game, but Tebow is a legitimate athlete.

You might snicker at his failed football career or the fact he got a workout teams attended in the first place, but baseball teams will pay attention to just about anyone built like Tebow who can run a 6.7, so it’s not entirely who he has been that has got him to where he is now. Of course, as with the raw power, this is all just potential: Tebow might never make it out of the low minors, never mind to the majors, but his first step in that journey will be the Instructional League.

He’ll get an assignment next year based on how well that goes, but expect him to start from the bottom (or near it) in order to work his way up.