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Some players are steamed that the Mets signed Tim Tebow

Friday's Say Hey, Baseball includes baseballers with Tebow-themed anger, closure we didn't know we needed from Josh Beckett and the frustrating, frustrating Giants.

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Well, it happened. Tim Tebow has a new home, and that home is once again New York. The Mets signed him to a minor league contract, and he’ll be reporting to their Instructional League in Florida on Sept. 18. This comes just over a week after Tebow held a workout for any and all MLB teams and scouts, which admittedly didn't go as well as it could have. Tebow hit some balls far in batting practice, but he fell down while fielding on the warning track, and looked borderline silly against live pitching. But the Mets think he’s got potential (either as an actual baseball player or a draw for their team-owned minor league franchises), so now he’s one of them.

Potential or not, the Tebow signing has some baseball people riled up. Tweets from current and former players at every level have been coming fast and furious. Royals relief pitcher Peter Moylan tweeted that minor leaguers spend years chasing their dreams, but Tebow ... yeah, not so much. Corey Walter, a pitcher in the Athletics’ org, couldn’t believe Tebow had been signed at all. Former college pitcher Brady Wilson called it the "biggest joke ever." Minor leaguers Tyler Smith and Cody Decker also had comments, as did former minor leaguer Dallas Baldwin. And that’s just a sliver of the comments from Thursday. The bottom line is this: they don’t understand why 29-year-old Tebow is so much more special and important than they were.

And they have a point. By virtue of being an (unsuccessful) athlete from another sport, he got 28 teams and 40+ scouts and executives at his showcase, and before that he convinced a major leaguer to train him and agents to talk him up. He also got a $100,000 signing bonus, which is exponentially larger than what many draftees get. And on top of that, Tebow will be missing time to tend to his duties as a weekend college football announcer for the SEC. In fact, the Mets’ willingness to let Tebow continue his announcing is why he chose to sign with them. That’s not showing a lot of commitment to either baseball or announcing. And that’s just yet another reason in a long, long list of reasons why people are upset.