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A punishment for the Cardinals hacking scandal may finally be on the way

Sunday morning’s Say Hey, Baseball includes the continuation of the Cardinals/Astros hacking scandal, a baseball-related story to Trump’s EO, and a new top prospect list with the same top prospect.

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After months of the story being put on the back burner, the Cardinals hacking scandal is back in the news. If you've forgotten, the entire saga started way back in the summer of 2015. At that time, the FBI found evidence that St. Louis’ Director of Scouting Chris Correa had hacked into the Astros’ enormous scouting database. The government didn’t waste too much time handing out its punishment, as Correa is currently serving a 46-month prison sentence. However, we’ve been waiting all this time for Major League Baseball to hand down its punishment for the Cardinals organization, and still nothing has come.

It appears that this may be changing very soon.

On Saturday, a federal judge unsealed some documents pertaining to the case, making some of the details of the scandal available for everyone to see. Some of the information is striking. For one, it shows that Correa repeatedly hacked into the system, using access from many different figures in Houston’s organization. He used everyone from the GM, to analysts in the organization, to minor league players. He even attempted to use passwords for the manager and pitching coach. On top of that, he had access to the email of Houston’s director of science, giving Correa the ability to know what groundbreaking research the Astros could be working on.

As far as what he used the information for, it seems that Correa mostly utilized the database leading up to and during the draft, the trade deadline, and the Winter Meetings. Throughout the 2013 draft, the Cardinals executive referenced Houston’s notes. In fact, he checked on the Astros’ page for Marco Gonzales, who St. Louis ended up drafting in the first round. The judge also concluded that it must have been Correa who leaked all of the Astros’ trade information to Deadspin back in 2014. It’s unclear what MLB will lay down for a punishment, but something has to happen soon. As the judge says, even if Correa was working alone, the Cardinals still benefitted from all of his wrongdoings.

  • There is a huge number of sad stories coming out in the wake of Donald Trump’s executive order banning citizens from certain countries. Among the many who are affected is Yu Darvish’s father, who may not be able to come stateside to see his son pitch.

  • Apparently, the Brewers have emerged as surprising candidates from Matt Wieters’ services.

  • Gary Sanchez took the league by storm at the end of last year, but his August was more impressive than his September. Should we be worried about that latter month?

  • One of Sanchez’s rivals, Andrew Benintendi, was named the top prospect in baseball by MLB Pipeline. It’s the second time he’s received the honor this week.

  • In Colorado, however, Eddie Butler gives us a reminder that top prospects don’t always go according to plan.

  • Here, a fan shares how Danny Duffy is a good dude.

  • In nonhacking news for the Cardinals, their closer, Seung-hwan Oh, was incredible in his first MLB season. It’s no guarantee he can continue that success in 2017 though.

  • Who took the Billy Beane we had grown to know and love?

  • It’s official: Greg Holland is signing in Colorado.

  • The Giants are relying on a tag team of underwhelming talent in left field. Should they get the benefit of the doubt?