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Magic Johnson giddily watched the Dodgers game from Staples Center

He even did a little dance in the tunnel.

Magic Johnson is a part-owner of the Dodgers, who are facing off against the Cubs in NLCS Game 5 on Thursday night with the chance to punch their ticket to the World Series.

Magic Johnson is also the Lakers’ president of basketball operations, and his team is kicking off its season (and Lonzo Ball’s much-hyped career) Thursday against the Clippers.

As much as he loves the Dodgers, it makes perfect sense that Johnson wouldn’t be able to fly to Chicago for a clinching game, instead staying in Los Angeles to support the team he works for and prepare for a long NBA season.

That didn’t stop him from watching the Dodgers game before tip off though. Whether by his instruction or not (although I’m leaning towards yes, he definitely asked for this to happen) the scoreboard at Staples Center was playing the game before Lakers-Clippers got underway.

Thanks to multiple videos taken in the tunnel at the arena, we get to see just how happy he was while watching the Dodgers rack up a mountain of runs on the Cubs. (They’re currently up 9-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning.)

He had such a giddy smile on his face, clapping as he stared up at the broadcast while Kike Hernandez of the Dodgers smashed a grand slam to make the game 7-0.

When the Dodgers got to 9-0, Magic even did a little dance in glee.

Now that’s a happy Dodgers fan. With any luck, the Lakers will win their first game as well, and he’ll continue to have a happy night.