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Dodgers bullpen sets record for consecutive scoreless innings in a postseason

The relievers have gone 23 straight innings without giving up a run.

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game Three Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

With another shutout outing in NLCS Game 5 to wrap up the final game in the series, the Dodgers bullpen officially broke the record for the most consecutive innings without allowing a run.

The previous record was 22 23 innings, which the Dodgers passed with the last out of Thursday’s game to reach 23 straight innings. The bullpen hasn’t let up a run since Brandon Morrow allowed a home run in Game 2 of the NLDS against the Diamondbacks.

Since then, the bullpen has allowed only six total hits if you count the post-Morrow Game 2 outs and the six games after that.

The final NLCS line was 17 innings pitched, four hits, no runs, one walk, one hit-by-pitch, and 22 strikeouts.

That’s intimidating and should be for whichever team LA plays in the World Series, the Astros or Yankees. The Dodgers showed they have their mojo back in the two series that they’ve won so far and look like the midseason team that was running over everybody.

If their bullpen can remain this strong in the World Series — which, by the way, they’ll be going into after four days rest with fully recovered arms — than it’s reasonable to believe that their results will remain just as positive.