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Alex Bregman made a perfect throw & Brian McCann made a perfect catch to keep the Yankees scoreless in Game 7

The Houston Astros held onto a slim lead over the New York Yankees in the fifth inning of Game 7 of the American League Championship Series thanks to a fantastic defensive play by third baseman Alex Bregman and catcher Brian McCann.

With Greg Bird on third base trailing 1-0 with one out in the fifth inning, Todd Frazier hit a bouncer to Bregman at third base, hit too softly to turn two. Bregman seemed to have little chance at getting Bird at home, but he tried anyway.

The throw was in the absolute perfect spot, and McCann made a tremendous catch and tag in traffic to retire Bird, and keep the tying run off the board.

It was really the perfect throw in the perfect spot and the perfect catch. A perfect play, really, in an exciting Game 7.