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ESPN forgot the White Sox won the 2005 World Series, again

Who at ESPN hates the White Sox so much they’re trying to write them out of history?

Chicago White Sox Victory Parade Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The White Sox won the World Series in 2005. That’s great and all, but you would think it doesn’t bear repeating these days unless some White Sox fans are trying to remind themselves that it wasn’t that long ago they hoisted the championship trophy. ESPN apparently needs the reminder more often, though, as it forgot about the 2005 champs for the second October in a row.

Go back to Oct. 24, 2016, exactly one year ago, to see the last time ESPN completely forgot the 2005 White Sox existed:

It wasn’t the only outlet that suddenly believed Chicago was a one-baseball-team kind of town, but ESPN is the one who managed to forget again. Here’s a screenshot of the offending tweet, courtesy ESPN Stats & Info:

The Dodgers have a chance to make some rare history! Just ... not as rare as ESPN thinks. The White Sox went 11-1 in the 2005 postseason, defeating the Red Sox in the ALDS 3-0, toppling the Angels 4-1 in the ALCS, and then sweeping the — wait for it — Houston Astros in the World Series.

If the Dodgers match the White Sox’ mark because they sweep the Astros in Houston’s second-ever World Series, well, that’s going to be pretty depressing, unless you’re rooting for Los Angeles! The important thing, though, is that we remember the White Sox did it in the first place.

This seems to be a difficult thing at ESPN, so we’re just going to assume there’s a White Sox-hating Cubs fan there knowingly messing with the statistics that the Twitter accounts and graphics department use in order to erase recent non-Cubs’ baseball successes. Another open-and-shut case thanks to the power of Occam’s razor.

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