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The YouTube ad behind home plate at the World Series is bothering everyone

It’s beyond distracting, but that’s also just good advertising.

The World Series is officially underway, and with it come many ads from major companies in the view of the cameras broadcasting the games between the Dodgers and the Astros.

One of those ads for this year’s Game 1 is for YouTubeTV. Which doesn’t sound that bad. It’s not like it has flashing lights, or neon colors, or is discriminatory in any way. As ad designs go, it’s more or less par for the course.

With all that said, it’s also one of the worst thing that has ever happened to a national baseball broadcast because of the way it’s positioned on the screen for fans who are at home watching.

The red “play” button that is YouTube’s logo (and is instantly recognizable to anybody who has every gone down a three-hour rabbit hole of bootleg Broadway performance videos and cute dog tricks in the middle of the night) is positioned so that on TV, it is right in the middle of the screen.

As if to make the screen one big YouTube video.

Which would be clever.

If it weren’t driving everybody watching the game OUT OF THEIR MINDS.

Some people are being rude and using that to troll people online.

But most people are annoyed by the whole thing.

There’s no way that people at Dodger Stadium even consider this a problem because it’s not meant for them, and even though it’s hotter than Hades in Los Angeles right now and everybody in that stadium is probably melting into a baseball-loving puddle, I’d rather be there than have to be distracted by this ad for one more inning.

Everybody noticing your ad and talking about is the main goal for any company or ad agency anywhere, so this method is really accomplishing that for them.

However, this ad is bad and YouTube should feel bad.