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Despite trade rumors, Giancarlo Stanton still hasn’t spoken with new Marlins’ ownership

Rumors about a trade keep swirling, but Stanton doesn’t know a thing about it.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

The Marlins have new ownership, represented by Derek Jeter. Not by Jeter’s dollars, mind you, but as the face of this ownership group. It became clear in a hurry the plan was to immediately cut spending for Miami, and since Giancarlo Stanton is the most expensive player on the roster, rumors are already swirling.

Stanton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s Late Night show on Tuesday, where he was asked about the possibility of being traded. Stanton revealed that he still hasn’t met with the Marlins’ new ownership, despite the rumors swirling that he’s expected to be traded this offseason.

Stanton and the Marlins are planning to meet after the World Series to discuss their future and whether it’s going to be together. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported in the above linked story that the Marlins plan to cut payroll from $140 million to $90 million: as Stanton is set to make $25 million in 2018 in the first year of his extension where the payouts ramps up considerably, dealing him would be the biggest slash ownership could make to that payroll figure.

The alternative is to keep Stanton but strip down the team around him, and that seems pointless unless the new goal is to try to win again when the slugger is in his early-to-mid-30s. So, yeah, these trade rumors seem believable, and it’s incredible that the Marlins haven’t spoken to their star about them yet.

That being said, Jeter did force former team president David Samson to fire all of the long-time Marlins’ employees new ownership wasn’t going to keep around, so maybe Jeter’s silence here is just further proof Stanton is going to be traded, and he just doesn’t want to have that conversation, either.

Cheer up, though, Marlins’ fans. Stanton did manage to burn the Mets during his interview, and that’s always worth something.

Asked about his interest in being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Stanton said: “I grew up a Dodger fan, if that’s where they want to go.”

Asked by Kimmel if he would be interested in being a designated hitter for the Red Sox, he said: “I could be a DH” but then added in a follow-up question that he would prefer to be a DH during day games and an outfielder otherwise.

When told he would look good in a Mets uniform, he said: “I like beating up on the Mets.”

It’s the offseason and the Mets are still out here taking an L. You almost have to respect it.