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Chris Taylor’s hat kept a run from scoring ... and saved his face

Great defense from the New Era contingent.

The Astros scored a run in the third inning Wednesday night, but if it weren’t for the brim of Chris Taylor’s hat they might have put more on the board.

The Astros hit a ball to center field, and Taylor dove to field it (as you do) but came within centimeters of having his face rearranged by a careening ball. At first glance, it definitely looked to have hit him in the forehead or the nose.

Instead, his hat saved the day. That’s why a stiff brim is important, kids.

If the ball had gone past Taylor, the Astros would have easily put another run on the board. Instead, it went into left field and could be corralled to stop runners from continuing around the bases.

If the Dodgers win by one run, they know who to thank after the game. Chris Taylor’s hat gets the game ball to treasure always.