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Texans star J.J. Watt throws out first pitch before World Series Game 3 in Houston

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Watt is out for the NFL season, but is a huge part of the city.

J.J. Watt might be out for the season for the Texans, thanks to a broken leg, but one of the most marketable and recognizable faces in the entire NFL took some time to come support a fellow Houston team.

Before Game 3, he did the honors of throwing out the first pitch at Minute Maid Park as the Astros prepared to face the Dodgers with the series tied 1-1.

Watt almost looked out of place with a baseball in his hand, but he did decently well with the throw. Especially considering he was on crutches due to that broken leg and couldn’t really rotate his body or stand on his own.

Considering all of those limitations, we’ll give him a solid rating on this one. Even more so when you consider far healthier people than him have thrown out far worse first pitches.

Watt has done wonders for the city and community post-Hurricane Harvey, raising more than $37 million dollars for relief efforts — a campaign that started with the hopes of raising just $200,000.

He is a major advocate for the Houston community and it’s great to see him continuing to make appearances as he recovers from a brutal injury early in what was otherwise looking like a promising season for him.