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Hailey Dawson, 7-year old with 3D-printed prosthetic hand, throws out first pitch before Game 4

Her goal is to throw out a first pitch for every MLB team.

7-year-old Hailey Dawson currently has standing invitations from 28 MLB teams to throw out a first pitch at their parks. The other two teams, Orioles and Nationals, have already welcomed Hailey and had her throw out a pitch.

Dawson isn’t just a precocious kid who loves baseball, though. She was born with Poland Syndrome. As we wrote earlier this fall:

Due to Poland Syndrome, Dawson only has three fingers on one hand. A team at UNLV Engineering built her a 3D-printed hand, so she can now throw a baseball as well as more easily do everyday tasks that would have otherwise been more difficult. She has a few different types of hands she can wear, including one dedicated to pitching completely.

Now, Hailey got to check third team off of her list, and on a massive stage as well. The Houston Astros welcomed the young fan to the park to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before Game 4 of the World Series.

She got to throw the first pitch out with a custom World Series hand too, gold and blue emblazoned with the series’ logo.

Jose Altuve caught her opening toss, and she got to spend some time pre-game with him and Justin Verlander.

Hailey is from the Las Vegas-area, so Verlander also presented her with some “Vegas Strong” cleats before her big moment.

FOX didn’t actually televise her first pitch live, and people noticed that she didn’t get her moment on TV as well as in the park.

FOX should know how important stories like this are to show to people at home, not just those with tickets. They eventually went back and showed it a few innings into the game, but it would have been better live.