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A local artist turned this South LA house into a Dodgers billboard

The house is going to get demolished in a few weeks.

ponchis323 (Instagram)

In celebration of the Dodgers being in the World Series, an artist in South LA turned a soon-to-be-demolished house into an advertisement for the city’s baseball team over the weekend.

According to KTLA, the house is set to be demolished in a few weeks for a new build, so the artist Hector Arias (aka Tetris) said that “we wanted to do a big tribute to the Los Angeles Dodgers for all their effort.”

Of course, every Dodgers fan hopes that those efforts aren’t all the Dodgers are left with when the season is over, but if they happen to lose the Series, this is a great reminder of how cool their fandom can be.

The house’s “redesign” includes a bright blue roof so it can be seen from the air, a Justin Turner portrait, and some really cool Dodgers-themed graphics.

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Arias said he “used the house as a canvas … and freestyled the whole house” which took him about five hours.

Even though the house isn’t long for this world, this is a fun and creative way for a building to get a second life before it goes away forever. Non-Dodgers fans in the neighborhood might not love it, but they’ll only have to look at it for a few weeks longer.