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Ketel Marte is the first person to triple from both sides of the plate in a postseason game

A little bit of postseason history being made.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Ketel Marte might not have been a lock to join the Diamondbacks in the postseason even as recently as a few months ago, but he made it on the NL Wild Card Game roster for Thursday night’s game.

Good thing he did, as he was a huge help to Arizona with two triples that netted a run for the Diamondbacks to go up 4-0 on Colorado before the Rockies started surging back.

Beyond being good for the scoreboard, though, Marte also made some postseason history. By hitting one triple as a right-handed batter and one as a left-handed batter, he becomes the first person to ever do that in a playoff game.

Atlanta’s Mark Lemke hit two triples in the 1991 World Series against Minnesota but he didn’t switch sides to do so. He’s also the first Diamondbacks player to ever hit two triples in a postseason game, full stop.

Not only that but Marte also ran the fastest from home to third of anybody on Arizona’s roster this season.

If the Diamondbacks lose, or realistically even if they win, Marte’s accomplishment won’t be the first thing people remember from this elimination game. But it’s pretty cool, will make for some great trivia, and will come up the next time somebody hits two triples in a postseason game.