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Bryce Harper is wearing custom cleats honoring Las Vegas in NLDS Game 1

He says he ‘doesn’t care’ whether they break any rules.

Earlier this week, tragedy struck in Las Vegas as a gunman opened fire on a music festival and killed more than 50 people, injuring hundreds of others and affecting dozens upon dozens of families and communities. Including some in the sports community.

One person that took the attack to heart is Bryce Harper, a Vegas native that has offered condolences throughout the weeks to those affected by the attacks. He tweeted the morning after the attack, saying it was hard to fathom what had taken place the night before.

He told ABC News:

"It's been pretty surreal. Just from talking to friends, talking to family that were definitely at the concert and seeing the things that have happened and transpired from that, it just goes to show how strong our community is in Vegas, how much of a small-knit community it can be."

For NLDS Game 1 on Friday night, Harper will wear customized cleats with the Las Vegas sign and a heart in order to pay tribute to his hometown. It could be a rule-breaking decision depending on how strictly MLB wants to enforce its uniform codes, but Harper made it clear that he doesn’t care about that in this instance.

During their first game playing against each other in the NLDS this year, a PSA will air of Bryce Harper and fellow Vegas boy Kris Bryant together to raise awareness about the tragedy.

In a situation like this, both players are making it clear that baseball comes second in the wake of a tragedy.