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Aaron Judge took a home run away from baseball's greatest monster with an amazing catch

Even people who don’t like the Yankees love this catch.

In the top of the sixth inning in ALDS Game 3 against the Indians, the Yankees’ biggest baseball boy Aaron Judge made a catch in right field that robbed Francisco Lindor of another sure home run to add to his season of powerful offense.

With his 6’7 frame, it looked like Judge barely had to put any effort into his jump for the ball, which upon review would have definitely left the park and put the Indians up 2-1.

It was a truly great catch to keep the game scoreless, but since it’s the Yankees of course not everybody was happy about it. People who dislike New York were annoyed the game was still scoreless, people who like speedy baseball games with no extra innings were annoyed, Indians fans were probably more than annoyed but still fell somewhere on the same scale.

But then, further information about the catch broke that would change everything.

None other than Zack Hample, infamous stadium ball hawk and the almost universally disliked baseball personality that has been known to push people of all ages aside to get his hands on a ball, was the person who would have caught the ball in the stands if Judge hadn’t gotten to it first.

The opinion of Judge’s catch immediately pivoted from “Aw man, Cleveland should be winning right now” to “LOL SUCK IT ZACK HAMPLE.”

Love the Yankees, hate the Yankees, this was a good catch for more reasons that just that it was an impressive snag. Well done, Aaron Judge.