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A Utah man is collecting every baseball that comes into his yard, but why?

It’s kind of like The Sandlot...except real life.

Most people have seen The Sandlot. Everybody pretty much loves The Sandlot right? It’s got all of the youthful nostalgia we need to revisit sometimes in 2017 without the dead body of The Goonies.

On a base level, The Sandlot is good.

Which means that a real life story, close in approximation to events that take place in the movie, is therefore also good, right? Sure. That’s how the internet works, so let’s roll with it.

A guy who lives near a baseball field in Utah has apparently been collecting baseballs that go over the fence into his yard, and he’s been dating them accordingly. Seems cool, and now he has a big box of baseballs that are varying degrees of dirty — and a big fun dog to lay next to them to further draw comparisons to Sandlot events:

This is all well and good, especially because that is a very good baseball dog and he should be given all the treats he wants. Or all the baseballs to chew on he wants, if that’s more his style. We don’t judge good dogs here.

The question stands, though, as to why this guy is collecting all of these baseballs.

Sure, he might have unlimited space in his house to store a big bucket of balls for no real reason, but not everybody has the square footage to just store whatever they want. There’s also the fact that The Sandlot was filmed in Utah, so he could be a super fan paying homage to a classic. Whatever the case, it’s our job to speculate about why he’s really doing this. For fun. And science.

What’s your story, dude?

Some options:

  • That dog really does love baseballs to chew on. Nice and hard and gnarly once you get down to the sub-leather levels of the sphere. Maybe that bin is just a fraction of what that dog has torn apart in the last few years.
  • He’s trying to figure out whether high school baseballs are juiced. Results are inconclusive so far.
  • Those dates will eventually be part of an international scheme to bring down all Western governments in the name of future peace, and this random guy in Utah can foresee it all. This will be adapted into a Nicolas Cage movie in three years.
  • He’s going to return each ball to its “owner” on their graduation day from high school to make sure they never forget the fun of playing baseball with their friends. This will be adapted into a Hallmark movie in two years.
  • The guy is going to make a life-size replication of La Sagrada Familia out of baseballs, and it will be a tourist attraction for people all over the country.

Who really knows what’s going on here? Maybe it’s just a nice way to remember all the laughs and excited shouts that come from the field that add joy to his life. Or maybe the guy just really, really likes baseballs and wants to collect them.

Whatever the case, this guy has a big ol’ bucket of baseballs on his hands. He should probably do something with them.