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Carlos Correa PROPOSED ON THE FIELD after winning World Series Game 7

With a HUMONGOUS ring, too!

As the confetti swirled and things got crazy on the field after the Astros won the World Series, Carlos Correa kicked things up a notch even crazier than you would expect from postgame celebrations.

While George Springer celebrated his MVP, and Carlos Beltran cried tears of happiness about winning his first World Series at age 40, Carlos Correa showed them all up.


Right in the middle of an interview with FOX’s Ken Rosenthal, Correa pulled the ring out of his pocket and popped the question to his girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez.

There are a few questions here. Was there ever a doubt that she would say yes in less than .043 seconds? Did he play the game with the ring in his pocket the whole time? How much did he spend on that thing? It’s definitely more than an average two-bedroom house right?

I don’t mean to be crass (but I also don’t mind it) but can we just look at how MASSIVE this ring is? FREAKING MASSIVE. So huge. It’s pretty! But it’s HUGE. It might be bigger than Rosenthal!

Now, if you don’t follow me on Twitter or know me in real life you might not know this but I am a strong proponent against sports proposals. The strongest. If the world were a perfect place then in my opinion that would include boyfriends (or girlfriends!) never, ever proposing in that type of public forum, distracting everyone else from the event and forcing their significant other to say yes in front of thousands of live fans and a television audience. N-E-V-E-R.

(Seriously people stop that, I beg of you.)

But there are exceptions to every rule, and my god was this one of them.

This was beautiful, and shocking, and filled with love between Correa and his girlfriend. Everybody around them had no idea it was coming, and the entire thing was an encapsulation of what makes love, partnership, and sincerity such a lovely thing to have in life. (Oof, I never get that sappy so now I have to wash my mouth out with soap.)

Just look at Big Papi’s reaction from the FOX postgame desk.

Sometimes life is great and good and sincere. And sometimes that sincerity comes at unexpected, fabulous times. This was one of those times. What a great moment, after a similarly great World Series win.

Correa’s now-fiance is a former Miss Texas (2016), and he said in an interview afterwards that his mom was asking him when he was going to get on with it and propose to her already. Turns out even when you’re a World Series champion your mom still makes sure you are making good life decisions.