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Houston’s rappers were just as hyped as everyone else when the Astros won the World Series

You already know the flexing was going to come in droves as Houston brought home its first title.

The franchise has been around since 1962, and for the first time, the Astros are world champions.

The culture of Houston — much like Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles — is fiercely intertwined with its hip hop artists. They tell real stories of the city in their own ways. In the early 2000s, the rest of America got a full dose of Houston’s rap scene thanks to hit singles by Paul Wall and Mike Jones.

Wall was beside himself after the game.


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“World Series grills, World Series grills,” Wall screams in delirium.

Wall told our Charlotte Wilder he’s really into sports.

Paul Wall and Johnny Dang supply grillz to many of Houston’s athletes, including Arian Foster, Duane Brown, and his wife Devon (or “Devvy Dev,” as Wall calls her), and Andre Johnson. I ask if they’ve made J.J. Watt a grill, and Wall says they haven’t, but Watt definitely needs one. They’ve also made Venus and Serena Williams grillz, and Shaq has a Paul Wall special, too. I ask if there’s anyone Wall hasn’t made a grill for that he thinks needs one.

“I’m a huge baseball fan,” he says. “Roger Clemens. That’s my boy. We gotta get Roger a grill. Put the word out, man.”

On Thursday morning, Wall released a celebratory single titled “World Series Grillz” and said any player that wants a grill will get one, customized and everything.

Mike Jones (who?) has a single to promote amidst the celebration.

Jones live-weeted Game 7 with the soundcloud link to his new song. He promises a remix after the game, too.

Travis Scott was lit too.

He’s standing on the Astros’ home dugout, by the way.

Baby Bash shouts out all baseball fans.

Awwww, thanks Bash.

Chamillionare was in the booth with Snoop Dogg.

And we got a perfect LA vs. Houston pregame back and forth.

DJ Premier takes the high road.

Kirko Bangz had some clothes to show off.

Particularly the Astros jacket, which is extremely good.

Stros in 7...#EarnHistory @tevtheshooter

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Lil’ Flip has the captions of all Instagram captions.

And a sweet George Springer throwback.

Slim Thug retweeted this.

Bun B didn’t tweet (much to my chagrin), and as always, RIP DJ Screw and Pimp C. We wish both were here to celebrate one of Houston’s finest moments.

The Houston Astros win the World Series! GRILLZ FOR ALL!