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After Astros World Series win some players’ minds turned toward Puerto Rico

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

After Houston was hit by Harvey, local athletes and the Astros rallied to help the city. It had a major impact on the city, and the recovery will be extensive. Right after that, Puerto Rico got hit, too. There are multiple Puerto Rican players on the Astros, so while Harvey hit closer geographically, Hurricane Maria hit closer to home for them.

Players donated to relief efforts at the time, but after the Astros won the World Series on Wednesday night, multiple players on the roster showed that Puerto Rico and their families at home were the first things on their minds.

Carlos Correa fell to his knees with the flag of Puerto Rico after his team won.

Other Puerto Ricans on the team include Carlos Beltrán, Juan Centeno, and coaches Alex Cintrón and Alex Cora.

They all held up the flag for a group photo after the initial celebrations had died down a little, and Beltran was in tears as he held it.

Carlos Correa Sr., watching from the island, said,

“I hope that [Carlos Beltrán] can convince the Astros’ owner to come to Puerto Rico to celebrate with the people of Puerto Rico who need it so much.”

The younger Correa already sent a plane of supplies to help, with assistance from the team’s owner Jim Crane, so hopefully Crane can sort something out to bring the trophy and a celebration to an island that is going through an incredibly tough time.

Houston’s parade is on Friday afternoon, and something tells me there will be a whole lot more flags and shoutouts to Puerto Rico then.